Supply Installation at Lickhill Pumping Station

Doocey Group were awarded the contract by Western Power Distribution for the installation of two new 11KV 300sqmm EPR cable circuits. The installation of this new supply was to provide an electrical supply to the new development of the Lickhill pumping station.

The Lickhill pumping station was constructed as part of the Severn Trent Birmingham Resilience Project that ensures customers in Birmingham receive a reliable water supply.

The two main challenges were that the project was completed within contaminated ground and access to site was via a single track narrow road to a local caravan park.

Once the project was awarded, Doocey Group visited site and completed a WAC test to establish the level of contamination within the ground to be excavated. These results were obtained within 5 working days and issued to local approved waste management companies. A local waste management company within 10 miles of the project was awarded the contract for safe treatment of the contaminated material from site. The key element in this contract was not driven by cost but geographical location to the project. This, in turn assisted delivery of the project and helped to reduce our carbon footprint by minimising haulage of the waste material.

Due to the width of the existing carriageway and the required width of our excavation, good communication with local residents and the Severn Trent construction site was key to help minimise disruption. This communication was maintained throughout the project with weekly meeting completed with a nominated local resident for the nearby caravan park and the Severn Trent project manager.

The project was delivered 3 weeks ahead of programme and to the agreed tender cost.