West Cambourne Booster Reinforcement

The scheme consists of 2.6km of 355mm PE trunk main, 500m of 400mm PE trunk main and various cross connections to the newly built booster station and to the reservoir which is currently under construction.

The scheme was predominantly designed to be opencut down St. Neots Road at depths varying from 1.2m to 4.0m. The existing road build up on St. Neots Road consisted of asphalt and concrete to a depth of 1.1m in places. The decision was made to utilise a trencher to minimise delays caused by extra over road depth.

The trencher made light work of digging up the road surface helping us to maintain our programme and achieving outputs of 250-300m per week on a type 1 carriageway.

This scheme also consists of approximately 20 large diameter connections to existing and new mains and a twin 355m drill under the A428 dual carriageway over 200m in length. All works needed to be completed in a timely manner including liaisons with Highways England and careful planning around other contractors who are working in the booster station and new reservoir.