New Innovative Wath Uni-Valve Installed

Doocey Pipeline Resilience division successfully fitted a new innovative permanent under pressure Wath Uni-Valve. This timesaving, design simplified and reduced costs compared to normal methods. The British made valve has the exact same specifications as a standard in-line water board gate valve and is tested to 24 bar. As this was being fitted in a busy Cambridge high street, speed was of the essence.

Doocey Traffic Management set up a 4-way light scheme to allow works on the busy highway to start. The area was marked up including indication of other services then excavation began.  The 5” cast iron water main was exposed ready to install the Wath Uni-Valve. The pipe was cleaned and prepared ready to fit the split tee. Once tested for pressure, the temporary valve assembly was installed. Finally, the bullet of the valve was installed, leaving a finished product where the valve is in the open position, without interrupting the pipeline’s dynamics at all. The complete process was successfully completed in 8 hours proving the Wath Uni-Valve a complete success.

This cost saving innovative solution will be very popular amongst water Companies looking to future proof and resolve issues on water mains whilst saving on cost.

Advantages associated with the new WATH Uni-Valve:

• Faster and more convenient installation than line stop method

• Like-for-like replacement of current gate valves, clockwise/anti-clockwise and with the same number of turns as standard valves

• One excavation eliminating expensive multiple excavations

• No need for complete shut-down of system

• Can be installed in restricted spaces close to existing services

• No drain down of the system required

• Suitable for almost all types of pipes

• A permanent gate valve leaving a fixed capital asset on the network

• Services maintained with little or no disruption

• A higher successful percentage of installations in comparison to other products on the market.