Doocey Group Flying High

This fly-by shows the impressive scale of another well prepared Doocey Group project. The Western Power Distribution contract will see 22.8km of 33kv under ground cable from sub-to-sub, eliminating the need for ageing overhead power lines.

This sizeable project has taken a lot of careful planning with various land owners before installing large measures of stock fencing and a top soil strip. Once cleared, installation of the duct began in a military style operation. The impressive project will also include our in-house directional drill which will drill under the River Frome that runs through the picturesque town of Stroud.

Once we reach the highway, offsite works will begin pulling in help from our Vac-Ex vehicle and Doocey Traffic Management department. WPD have since awarded Doocey Group the next stage of this project on the strength of an excellent mobilisation plan for this challenging project.

Doocey Group will be active in and around the surrounding areas of Stroud until the end of Quarter one 2022.