Bristol University WPD 33KV Underground Cable Overlay

Western Power Distribution (WPD) required the installation of 3 x 300mm EPR single core 33kV EPR cable from the H poles on private land adjacent to Churchill BSP to the new building at Bristol Veterinary University Langford. Most of the works were on private arable land and public highway between Churchill BSP and the new intake building on University of Bristol.

The challenging scheme included a Culvert Crossing, an extremely narrow carriageway, completion of HV installation and civils works within arable land in very wet conditions working alongside the busy Bristol University campus.

Culvert Crossing works included additional pre-construction trial holes to understand the depth of existing culverts through Langford lane. Doocey Group provided a suitable crossing proposal to WPD for acceptance prior to installation that meet their specification. Narrow road width on Langford Lane poised difficult Traffic Management conditions for the implantation of the civil activities. These difficult sections were overcome following pre-mobilisation site meetings with our inhouse Traffic Management division (DTM), Local Authority and WPD. Following discussions, a new proposal of a night-time road closure was agreed. Completion of these difficult sections of narrow carriage way were completed without any issues due to the risk management and forward planning.

Original plans to complete the HV installation within arable land within the dryer summer months were delayed due to wayleave issues on site outside of Doocey Groups control. Mobilisation to the project was delayed by 3 months which meant that Doocey Group commenced the arable land section of the project in a very wet late autumn to early winter month period. To reduce the damage caused to the arable land the decision was made to mobilise tracked dumper trucks to the project and install 2000m2 of a proprietary temporary TrakWay roadway. This temporary road also allowed a clean and safe method of access for the workface.

Doocey Group liaised closely with Bristol Veterinary University the end user of the new 33KV circuit The Bristol campus housing livestock on site that needed to be considered during the construction phase of the project. A daily programme of works was issued to Bristol University when working within the campus grounds. Consideration was taken to avoid sensitive campus activities such as lambing of sheep.

All works were completed ahead of schedule with zero complaints and Bristol University were extremely complementary of the level of communication applied and the understanding of the sensitivity required at times on this project.

Excellent delivery with minimal input required form WPD during the delivery of the project.

Matt Clarke (WPD Engineer)

Martin and his team were very conscientious during this project and been accommodating to lessen the impact of their works on the campus.

Luke Everett (Project Manager, Campus Division, University of Bristol)

The new building within the Bristol Langford Campus will house a unique combination of testing equipment for soil-structure interaction and structural dynamics research. This laboratory will integrate structural and geotechnical engineering for soil structure testing and will fill key gaps in our understanding which cannot be resolved using conventional, smaller scale, laboratory tests or prototype observations. The SoFSI Facility will enable tests to deliver a unique, high value, capability for de-risking investments in innovation and development, for example in life-extension techniques for existing infrastructure or the application of new materials and devices. To read more on this fascinating facility click here.