Complicated Upgrade for South Staffs Water

Doocey Group were awarded a strategic upgrade to existing trunk main actuator valves and meters in Oldbury, West Midlands. Works also included three new chambers, a new telemetry kiosk and a new ultrasonic meter installed onto the existing 18” cast iron main.

This busy Black Country route had many challenges including deep excavations, HP/MP/LP Gas and HV/LV Electric, a mature tree had to be felled and old tree stumps removed. Excavation was deep and large to accommodate the three bespoke chambers. Works were also carried out over the tricky winter period.

Our team met with Cadent & BT to mark out the location of the high-pressure gas arrangement and telecoms apparatus. Doocey Traffic Management installed a pre-designed scheme including a road closure before the work area was cordoned off with safety barriers and herras fencing.

The main excavation was extensive, so a battered technique was adopted, the base of the hole was laid up with type 1 stone as a safety precaution for the work force walking in the excavation. Our own in-house Doocey Pipeline Resilience team drilled the under pressure tee on the 24” main. Pipework was laid around the existing apparatus to leave room for three brick built chambers. The mature tree and old roots were removed. Cable congestion in the footpaths was overcome by using our own Doocey Vac Ex Truck to successfully avoid utility damages.

Once all chambers were built a 40t mobile crane was used to install the lids due to the location of the chambers to the roadside. An outage was arranged by Networks for the connections to be carried out. The excavation was backfilled, concrete plinths were built around the frames and the area was top soiled and seeded. An agreement was made with Local Highways to leave herras fencing around the large area until the new grass was established.

This South Staffs Water strategic location for several reservoirs is now ready to take on the increased housing and population within the area.