Rehab Scheme – Morven Road, Sutton Coldfield

Doocey Group were tasked to install 2046m of PE pipe and 220 new service boxes on a falling AC water system using 110/90/63mm PE pipe and trenchless technology in pipe bursting and slip-lining.

Morven Road is on a quiet estate so traffic management was required to help minimise disruption to the residents. Good communication was key, so letters were sent out explaining how the flow of traffic would be managed and timeframes for the project. Due to lockdown, the usual customer service vehicle was not available so all questions were directly answered on-site.

Two teams were deployed to reduce the programme timeframe. Trenchless technology was used in 100m sections resulting in multiple excavations outside residents properties. Safety was paramount and teams worked following social distancing guidelines, often over weekends to ensure timelines were adhered to.