Link Road Water Diversions Phase 2 and Phase 3 Southern, Northstowe, Cambridge

One of several successful major projects worked on in Cambridge by Doocey Group for Cambridge Water.

Based on the site of the former RAF Oakington base and surrounding farmland between Cambridge and Huntingdon. Northstowe is set to become the largest new town since Milton Keynes. It will have up to 10,000 new homes and an anticipated population of around 24,400.

Our works consisted of diversions of approximately 150m of 500mm AC concrete, 450mm cast iron and 300mm cast iron water mains. This is to facilitate the construction of the new Southern Link Road which connects the new town of Northstowe to the B1050 in Cambridgeshire.

The works entailed moving and lowering all three mains and insertion through ducts installed under the newly constructed link road. The works also included extensive cross connection works between the 3 water mains which involved the installation of over 40 number 450mm sluice valves and associated fittings.

To complete the works over 6000t of material was excavated and stockpiled on-site to be used as backfill at a later date. The works also took some careful planning to sequence the pre-connections and final connection to fall in line with the complicated build programme. Once completed and backfilled some extensive civils works were required to install concrete plinths over the water company assets to safeguard against any future damage.