New Under Pressure Drill from the USA

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Our new WT312-HD Hydraulic Tapping Machine has just landed from the USA. This is one of many vital tools that allows our Pipeline Resilience division to carry out specialised operations up to 300mm diameter cores.

The ‘Hot Tapping’ process, otherwise known as ‘under pressure drilling’ enables a connection to be made with a pressurised water main without any interruption to supply. Installation is completed without leakage, shut down or loss of supply. This procedure can be carried out on most pipelines including steel, cast iron, ductile iron, asbestos cement, PVC, copper or MDPE. Four ‘duad rails’ ensure a very rigid ‘Hot Tap’ and eliminates any twisting or flexing of the machinery. This design eliminates the machine from binding up under pressure and performs a flawless tap.