Doocey Group Team up with The Department for Work and Pensions

As part of our huge new jobs push Doocey Group teamed up this week with The Department for Work and Pensions. Visiting site to create a video, interviewing some of our many hardworking team members. The video will be used throughout the department to help create vital opportunities.

The DWP are responsible for:
• Understanding and dealing with the causes of poverty rather than its symptoms.
• Encouraging people to work and making work pay.
• Encouraging disabled people and those with ill health to work and be independent.
• Providing a decent income for people of pension age and promoting saving for retirement.
• Providing value for money and reducing levels of fraud and error
• Reducing work-related death and serious injury in workplaces through the Health and Safety Executive

Video to follow soon. For more info see link to DWP