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Recycling Services

Working in parnership with Northern Gas Networks our Plant in Sheepscar, Leeds recycles upto 2000 tonnes of spoil per month. The amount of spoil being recycled at the depot equates to more than 80% of the spoil that Northern Gas Networks generates in West Yorkshire and means Doocey Recycling Services has generated more than 50,000 tonnes of CBEM3 and fine fill since its opening. In four years, almost 100,000 tonnes of waste, which would have otherwise gone to landfill, has been recycled.

The Sheepscar Depot takes excavated spoil from M & A Doocey sites , NGN Operating Contractors, Direct Labour and other contract operations across West Yorkshire, and recycles and manufactures it into CBEM3. This material is then used to re-instate highways in Leeds, Bradford, Wakefield, Kirklees and Doncaster Council areas.

CBEM3 is an innovative backfill material as it is self leveling, requires no compaction and even allows difficult waste materials including clay to be put back into excavations by encapsulating them in a cement matrix. M & A Doocey and NGN have been using this material within the West Yorkshire area since 2004, and around 86% of the company's excavations in West Yorkshire are now filled with CBEM3.

What makes this process unique is the ability to use every part of the waste - even clays - ensuring practically nothing is sent to landfill. CBEM3 takes the environement agenda to the next level by creating a recycled material that is superior in quality to most traditional backfills whilst being cheaper.

This financial benefit not only makes the material marketable to other utilities, but is also key to ensuring our innovative product is economically as well environmentally sustainable.

Case Study:

NJUG - CBEM3 Recycled Backfill (under construction)